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114listed on Upxide ExchangeQCITY2019/04/03
113QCTN SWAPQCITY2019/04/02
112Financial report as of the end of December,2018QCITY2019/02/01
111Financial report as of the end of November,2018QCITY2019/01/10
110IEO with LiquidQCITY2018/12/06
109Financial report as of the end of October,2018QCITY2018/11/30
108Patent registration completedQCITY2018/11/19
107PoO - Patent registration decisionQCITY2018/11/16
106PoS staking manualQCITY2018/11/07
105PoS staking related NOTICEQCITY2018/11/02
104Financial report as of the end of September,2018QCITY2018/10/30
103Qcity has modified the consensus algorithm to compensate for the disadvantages of the single method powQCITY2018/10/25
102Financial report as of the end of August,2018QCITY2018/10/05
101Solution for 51% attack- POO(Proof Of Online)QCITY2018/10/01
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