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Work progress
36Qcity T-ShirtsQCITY2018/06/29
35Together with Qcity at the 5th Korea Finance Show!!QCITY2018/06/20
34Global Issue 2018 Symposium hosted by MTN Money TodayQCITY2018/05/17
33[MOU conclusion], The Federation of Korean Businessmen's Organization = Qnapse MOU conclusionQCITY2018/04/10
32LK Partners signed partnership agreement with Qnapse.QCITY2018/04/06
31[Signed MOU] Signed MOU with IPP Center - QnapseQCITY2018/04/02
30Pre ICO have ended.QCITY2018/04/01
29[Sports Seoul] 2018 Innovative Company & Brand Award.QCITY2018/03/30
28[MOU conclusion] 'Qnapse' industry-university cooperation with 'Hyupsung University'.QCITY2018/03/28
27Signed legal consulting contract with IT technology and IT consultant.QCITY2018/03/26
26[2018.03.21] Hold extraordinary 'Board of directors' meeting on foreign venture capital related agendaQCITY2018/03/21
25[18.03.19] Q-City Conference Site.QCITY2018/03/20
24[Daily Economy TV Broadcast] Magazine TodayQCITY2018/03/19
23[18.03.18] 1st Pre-ICO Critique and 2nd Pre-ICO Strategic MeetingQCITY2018/03/18
22A daily economic TV channel, for the studio photography.QCITY2018/03/17
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